Chris McCormickI’m Chris McCormick, an art director/designer based in Indianapolis, IN. I graduated from Ball State University in 2003 with a BFA in Visual Communication and I’ve been working in and around the Indy area as a creative ever since. I’ve worked for agencies and I’ve also been out on my own freelancing for a number of years. My design experience includes branding, environmental, print, web, multimedia & more.

When I’m not designing I enjoy being creative in other aspects of my life that don’t involve a pencil or a computer. I enjoy silk screening, photography, painting and many other forms of art and creativity. Being active is another part of my life. Tennis, golf and cycling are a few active lifestyle hobbies I enjoy as well.

Contact me at chrismcc08[at] if you are interested in working with me.


  • I have a chubby 12 year old pup named .
  • I own over 150 hats but only wear about 5 of them.
  • I kern bumper stickers.
  • I am a home brew mad scientist & a beer snob. Craft or nothing. There…I said it.
  • I’m active in cycling, tennis & golf. Colts, Pacers, IU & IndyCar.
  • Bob Sanders man hugged me once at a bowling alley. Thankful to have walked away from that one.
  • I have Scott Baio’s phone number…seriously.
  • I’m an Achiever.