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Art Director: Chris McCormick
Designer: Connor O’Malia

Indiana University Bicentennial Calliope
An important part of IU’s history has been restored to roadworthy status once again! The original wagon was designed to help celebrate the U.S. bicentennial, and now was refurbished in time for the IU bicentennial.

Hoosier fans who attended the Indianapolis 500 parade, home football games or other events across the state in the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s will recall this calliope, a six-ton marvel of engineering whose 32 steam-driven whistles can be heard up to three miles away.

The circus-style wagon boasts a fresh cream-and-crimson graphics package, including candy stripes, Victorian-style scroll elements and IU’s bicentennial dates: 1820 to 2020.